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Will a scorpio ever come back

140 4 months ago
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Do scorpios ever come back?

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Do scorpios ever come back? - dxpnet

He told me that he's never connected with anyone the way he connects with me. We dated for 3 months, but he said that his feeling of physical attraction have diminished. He can't pinpoint why, but he feels that it has to do with him not being over his ex-girlfriend. We are best friends. We still hang out all of the time, he is very loving and affectionate, but I understand that he doesn't want a relationship with me. Do you think he could ever want to be with me again?
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If he leaves you your usually toast it would have to be a tremendous transformation on your part, specially if he left you and you did nothing about it, that right there spells disaster and I advice you to leave it alone, the scorpio will always be there though he does not hold grudges except if the brake up was caused by an infedelity, if so kiss your ass goodbye you will never see them again. For Scorpio intimacy is a game and they never truly bear their real soul to anyone. Half facade, half self loathing, Scorpio masquerades as a loving compassionate being when their love of self overrides all.
Stop texting him and see what happens
Forums Scorpio forum Do scorpios ever come back? By indiemusic22 — May 7, 4: My now ex-boyfriend is a Scorpio and he just broke up with me after icing me out for a while. I figured he was just playing hot and cold but when he broke up with me he told me he had been icing me out because he was too afraid of hurting me. We had gotten in an argument before the lack of communication began.

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