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Radiometric dating bill nye

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The universe is not perfect, it is full of elliptical orbits. I bet that something you didn't know. Find out how this knowledge came to be fact. Greatest Discoveries. William Herschel was a classical trained musician who changed to astronomy to study the stars.
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Bill Nye–Ken Ham debate

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Radiometric Dating - Greatest Discoveries | Science

Ham , founder and chief executive officer of the Young Earth creationist YEC ministry Answers in Genesis AiG , challenged Nye , a science educator best known for hosting the s television series Bill Nye the Science Guy , to the debate after taking exception to a YouTube video featuring Nye lamenting the refusal of a large segment of the U. Tickets to the event sold out within minutes, and according to a Christian public relations firm an estimated 3 million people viewed the event live via video streams on the Internet. During the debate, Ham advocated the legitimacy of a YEC model of the universe's origins, while Nye cited observations from a variety of scientific fields to defend the scientific consensus that the Earth is approximately 4. Many scientists were critical of Nye for accepting Ham's invitation, claiming his participation in the debate gave Ham's views undeserved legitimacy, but two humanist groups — the American Humanist Association and the Center for Inquiry — praised Nye's decision. Scientists, both Christian and non-Christian, generally agreed that Nye won the debate, at least in terms of the science presented, although they debated how convincing the victory was. Both Ham and Nye have since released books on the debate.
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